For The Sin Of Every Celsius

A watershed, or a, mere, damp squib
Is this sham, to save, our existence
As, Arctic melts, states, sweat, out fib
To, baptize earth, with, new pretense!

Whilst, 25 failed, will, 26th work!
Where from, emanates, this misplaced faith
As the world, ponders, Putin and Xi, shirk
Onus, to salvage, our dying wraith!

The measurement of, who’s erred, how much
Is as, shady as, ‘Climate-Change’ theory
Whilst, capitalists flout, politicians clutch
The dodges, in a, flawed treaty!

Same paradox, still, gets glorified
For felons, pardons, preposterous
For the, 3rd World, Climate-Apartheid
For The, Sin Of, Every Celsius!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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