A Million Longings Of Twilight …

vikas chandra

Whilst, mermaids swill, the blood, of sea
From the chalice, of, thirsting spent sun
Sky drifts, thru the, tides of trinity
Time ties, undone trysts, in a unison!

Wasn’t troika, ever, meant to meet
To be, the timeless, tomb of pain
Like desire, of a dream, fulfilled, albeit
In the slumber of a, delusion vain!

There’s poise, in triad’s, estranged love
That keeps, the world, from a, certain end
One squirms, below, two stray, above
In a misery, that, passions transcend!

The price, of their, lasting sacrifice
Pay, lovelorn hearts, in, yearnings’ rite
Whose faith, of truth, defies fear’s lies
A Million Longings, Of, Twilight … !

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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