Those Very Truths We Learnt To Fear

Lest, the least of it, spark off, a strife
And the rest, distort, our universe
Lie, seems only, substance, of li(f)e
Truth, malicious, more than, Satanic verse!

Truths, hide behind, myths’ megaliths
‘Old sins’, in, ‘new virtues’’, façade
Truthsmiths, lost in, herd of, mythsmiths
Make a living, off their, dumb charade!

Learn to, unlearn, moral wisdoms
That, mothers tell, and schools, decree
World runs, by only, those isms
That, earn us, bread of, polity!

The faith, that had, baptized, our birth
Is in, shame’s closet, a lost souvenir
We’ve lost belief, in our, human worth
Those, Very Truths, We Learnt, To Fear!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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