Who Smells Of Last Lavenders Of Fall

Antidote, of senescence, was I, of her
At, Twilight Street, she’d, chanced upon
“Sweeten, my, somber September”
A ‘Sugar-Mum’, moaned, to her, whimsy’s pawn!

How 50s, grind, a woman’s mind
Just as, 40s, flirt, with her fear
Redemption ain’t, that hard, to find
In the, debonair throes, of a, sinful affair!

Never, fling of spring, ever, lasts that long
60s paved, her way, to pilgrimage
Faith’s rosary, sighed with, fear’s swan song
“Lest my wrinkles, lastly, learn to age!”

Her invite, to her, last rite, read
“Do come, to see me, break, life’s thrall
To be, a lasting breeze, in your farmstead
Who Smells, Of Last, Lavenders Of Fall!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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