Pilgrims Of Pain

For a shred, of existence, no land!
Where can heart, kiss the, hurt adieu!
Belarus is, as good, as Poland
Alas, not the stew, between the two!

Whilst, motherland bleeds, with the, holy war
Heart seeks, new hearth, in this estrangement
Bare bayonets, scare, barbed barriers, scar
Souls, bearing, ethnic sacrament!

Unwitting pawns, of, political game
Between, Belarus, Russia, and EU
Lo and behold, epitome, of shame
Plays out, their, vanity’s Waterloo!

In wasteland, they still, sow their dreams
Who have, firm faith, in their, fate’s bargain
At the mercy, of, politics of regimes
‘Build, Castles In Spain’, Pilgrims Of Pain!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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