What Became Of That Macedonia !

It mattered, now, where Greek gore, spilled
For it left, a legacy, of conquest
History restates, how bloodbaths, build
Manhood’s, megaliths, so manifest!

Lest the world, forget, Philip’s, little fief
A megamyth, was, hence, born to rise
Who’d dream, of a realm, beyond belief
And make it, true, at a, human price!

How long, is a glory, born to last
O’er brittle shoulders, of a, mortal man
Lies lost, in dust, of an, estranged past
That heritage, of a, short-lived clan!

Now a, pettier portrait, of pity
Echoes, its history’s, inertia
Did a legend, betray, his legacy
What Became Of, That Macedonia !

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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