Lasting Graffiti Of Pain And Shame

A “1XXX …”, still scars, their soul
A German slur, on the, Jewish skin
Who flouted fear, to pay, faith’s toll
Still bear, the cross, of Holocaust’s sin!

A tattoo, needled, on their arms
Were all, they were, no more, no less
Martyrs reaped, in, Hitler’s Hate Farms
Were, pawns of, Nazis’ Ethnic Chess!

Awaited them, at March Of Death’s, end
A ritual, that befits, only Christ
At fear’s, altar, faith had to, defend
On a zealous, race, a jealous cult’s, heist!

That haunting past, is meant, to last
To a death count, when, a clan lost, its name
World watched, watches, will watch aghast
Lasting Graffiti, Of Pain, And Shame!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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