Lest You Fall In Love With A Misogynist

To her, his eclipse, looks like, moon
Who reasons, not, his sin’s stigma
When tears, of sun, feel like monsoon
To a, lovelorn, mermaid’s enigma!

Why, a chauvinist, would, she adore
Who, disdains woman, not, her scent
Tangled, in a, manly metaphor
She lives, to death, her sacrament!

From the coffin, of her, feminine skin
She awes, at, mankind’s intellect
“Do kick me, I am a, roadside tin
I crave, just love, not your respect!”

If you, forget self, for an, estranged dream
You are, the best, and worst sadist
Pain’s, profound misery, you redeem
Lest You Fall, In Love, With A Misogynist!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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