The Faith And Fear Of A Philosopher

In my chess, where pawns are, truths and myths
And I, lone challenger, both ends
My conquests, leave, no megaliths
Just a tomb, of a thought, new one transcends!

Where, an alchemist’s, intellectual tryst
Dares prejudice, of a, pigeonholed race
It bares too, in, belief’s heist
In, theorist’s façade, a, realist’s face!

Who chose, to be, a renegade, once
Can’t comprehend, his, enigma
Amidst, his thoughts’, ‘shenanigans’
Is a cynic’s, dismal, dilemma!

Lost are, ages of, renaissance
Thoughts, matter not, more than, matter
Resents, sense of, digital substance
The Faith, And Fear, Of A, Philosopher!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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