This Newfound Whim Of His/Her/Him

Homo Sapiens, seek, homogeneity
In the, sexual sacraments, of sin
A society, mulls, new propriety
For evolution, of a, new origin!

Who search, every hole, seeking their souls
Bask in, insolent, existence
Once stigmas, then, hyped hyperboles
Now prized pawns, of, political pretense!

Dare you, despise their, laissez-faire!
To be outcast, in the, ‘civilized’ clan
Better be, in herd, of nerds, who blare
“”Cupid Too, Has Evolved, With This, New Love-Plan!”

A sum, of, many miscellanies
Abound, our, sexual lexicon
Faith too, has succumbed, to their, litanies
Who find, ‘Adam-Eve love’, a ‘burden’, bygone!

Business-World, hates prejudice, (at least, it seems)
Hails, human cause, with, hysterical hymn
What belies, its context, its pretext redeems
In This, Newfound Whim, Of, His/Her/Him!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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