Between The Two Islamic Worlds

A legacy, beyond, its prophecy
Transcends, the aging, alchemist
Between, bigotry, and ‘heresy’
A faith, endures, its fear’s, heist!

Whilst purists, baptize, belief with gore
Rationalists, ‘kowtow’, to finesse, of the west
In this vice, virtue, and value’s, war
Who kept, who lost, Prophet’s bequest

Ethnic essence! Economic sense!
At crossroads, stands, a creed today
With a, schizophrenic, existence
Between, fear’s melee, and, faith’s decay!

Estranged façades, of, same belief
Stare at, each other, in distrust
In a, thousand years, a Prophet’s fief
Seems diminished, in, delusion’s dust!

Lest the, two enigmas, reconcile
Western wizards! Nihilistic nerds!
Only, fear grows, in faith’s farm, fertile
Between, The Two, Islamic Worlds!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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