I Cherish More …

I Cherish More…
…The fear, of grave, than cradle’s creed
Truth’s thorn, is lone, solace, of my heart
Lest. the nightingale, forget, to bleed
More paeans, of Mozart, than Bonaparte!

I Cherish More…
…This pilgrimage, of, disenchantment
Than the outrage, spent on, delusion
There is, more bliss, in estrangement
Than in, sacrament of, life’s prison!

I Cherish More…
…God’s insolence, than the, ‘innocence’
Of herds, that throng, this hideous world
Who martyr, messiahs, for the penitence
Of their pride, prejudice, piety absurd!

I Cherish More…
…My nihilism, at the end, of it all
A million mutinies, in my, ‘sinful’ soul
Than the, furore, of the, Matador
Whose graffiti shout, from, ‘The Wailing Wall’
“Dare death, each day, to pay, life’s toll”
In cipher, eternity’s, metaphor
I Cherish More, I Cherish More…!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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