Whose Fanatic Faith Transcends Our Fear

In this, shortest, Satanic expression
Is the inequity, of our, fear and faith
The battle, that began, on 9/11
Haunts, our ethos, like a, lasting wraith!

Allahu Akbar”, was what, world heard
Before the, screams, of a, billion souls
How’s their, “God Great”, who massacred
Humanity’s trust, to pay, faith’s tolls!

Did, their Satan, dethrone, our God
Thunderstruck, by His, pious impotence
Once more, their fear, proved, our faith, flawed
Who treat, “kaffirs”, with insolence!

That was, first one, but not the last
To the, “faithless world”, “saintly souvenir”
From a clan, that believes, in its, darkest past
Whose, Fanatic Faith, Transcends Our Fear!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra


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