The Stray Who Sang Sweetest Azan

The voice, that wandered, Kabul’s streets
Faith’s arrow, through, believers’ heart
Found, its half truth, that, now completes
Mozart’s defeat, to, Bonaparte!

A begging urchin, bred on, a whore’s sin
Caught the fancy, of a, mullah’s lust
Who’d warm, the bed, of ‘his holy jinn
While learning, ‘Call of Faith’, august!

When, benign boy, grew into. mean Taliban man
He redeemed, his faith. in the fear. of jihad
God is, indeed, Son of Satan
He found, when fell, his faith’s façade!

Allahu Akbar”, remains, the only thought
He screams out, when he, shoots his clan
The rest, of whose essence, he forgot
The Stray, Who Sang, Sweetest Azan!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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