Lions Bleed Their Legends With Pride

vikas chandra

A vein, of inferno, in their hearts
Who reign, with fear, faith’s ‘holy fief’
Two worlds, apart, where Bonapartes
Have won, every war, of their belief!

For the, “Dot of Dare”, in Satan’s State
Size matters, not, beyond, a myth
Neither Alex…, The Great, nor, Taliban’s hate
Could vanquish, Panjshir’s, megalith!

These Saints, of Peace, have bred, on gore
Of the, million mean, mutinies, of time
Whilst, bulls fear, furor, of matador
Lions devour, and define, dare’s new paradigm!

Who vow, life’s lust, to deified death
Ain’t afraid, of being, crucified
At the altar, of their, every breath
Lions, Bleed, Their Legends, With Pride!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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