Lest We Run Out Of Greek Characters

vikas chandra

Invents, when faith, equations of fear
Alpha-α, Beta- β, Gamma-γ, Delta- δ, …
Seem avatars, of, Chinese souvenir
Genocide, gift-wrapped, in vendetta!

As Jinping’s germ, decimates, proliferates
Life lingers in, cul-de-sacs, of deaths
The rates, at which, Chinese sin, mutates
Will mankind last, beyond, 24 breaths!

Never man evolved, at such, viral pace
As immortal, seems, death’s pilgrimage
Whilst dragon, dares, the civilized race
24 ways brace, for the, next outrage!

As we measure, new paradigms, of pain
Only fear, endures, where faith, flounders
Let’s use, Chinese epitaphs, of bane
Lest We Run, Out Of, Greek Characters!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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