Are Satans Scared Of Satire !!!

vikas chandra

“Wipe out, that smirk, off his, sinful face
Such graffiti, can’t, withstand Islam!”
Scream savages, of the, satanic race
As they, shoot silent, a humorist, haram!

The self-baptized, ‘saviors’, of their faith
Want to, reign with, holy inertia, this world
Every woman, a slave, each man, a wraith
Sum sadism, of, Spartans absurd
Shepherds, who slay, their ‘heretic’ herd!

To ‘divine’, dark age, they hurl Afghans
Stupored, non-existence, sans, ‘sin’ of arts
When a faith, baptized, blood-caravans
Of Bonapartes, who massacred, Mozarts!

They ain’t, afraid of, apocalypse
But, can’t withstand, truth’s hellfire
They stitch, with fear, ‘blasphemous’ lips
Are Satans, Scared, Of Satire !!!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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