…And ‘Negroes’ ‘Evolved’ To ‘Blacks’ One Day

vikas chandra

For those, ‘ethos’, is a, spent paradigm
Who’ve lived, light years, of oblivion
Whose history, faith,… is lost, in time
Black truth, baptized, by the tears, of sun!

White prejudice, or, Black cowardice
Self-worth, self-fear, self-faith,… what made
A race, drown in, nonbeing’s abyss
Without battling, evolution’s, crusade!

Street-graffiti, bare, their caricatures
Who lament, past, for their, present
Still lingers, in, White conjectures
The prisoner, of, Black predicament!

…So ‘Negroes’, of the, ‘Negroid’ race
Who despised, dark sin, of their skin
And a, Black cipher, they dared, call a ‘face’
Consigned, their origin, to, ethnic coffin!

“’Negro’, is a, ‘Whitewashed’, colonial game
Better, call us ‘Blacks’, what else, to say
We need, a new name, to bear, our shame”
…And ‘Negroes’, ‘Evolved’, To ‘Blacks’, One Day

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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