Weathering Windmills Of Lowlands

Eerie strings, of, swirling crucifixes
Cast shadows, of those, trying times
That taught man, thru, life’s eclipses
Faith, and fortitude’s, lasting paradigms!

The long-dead wood, still lives, in their sails
Stirred, by zephyrs, swiveled, by squalls
Holy Grail, of, hoary grain, prevails
Seeded, by springs, and farmed, by falls!

How lost land, was, recouped from sea
Life’s nectar, was, salvaged from salt
Time’s tallest tide, could not, break spree
Faith’s fortress, withstood, fear’s assault!

Can death, defeat, immortal dream
Life, weaves with, hope’s, enduring strands
For a, towering promise, to redeem
Toil, Weathering Windmills, Of Lowlands!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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