Gratitude Is No Pla(y)titude

What dissolves, distant souls, to a, single kind
Where sprout, and bloom, remembrance’s seed
Which profoundness, have we, left behind
If not, a bond, beyond all creeds!

We renounced, that cradle, for this grave
Of, momentous myth, of, civilization
Our expressions, now, seem a slave
Of a, pious, pretentious, dimension!

A dying penguin, not a, giving jinn
Brought, fluke of fate, to a, wanting fisherman
Who healed, a hope, let the, trysts begin
Of compassion, more than, a provident plan!

Seeking mean-ing, in every, trivial thing
Our, cynical race, flirts with, certitude
A “Tnx”, is nothing, yet deciphers, our being
Gratitude, Is No, Pla(y)titude!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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