Worth Of War > Price Of Peace

World’$ budget$, for bullet$, i$, many time$ more
Than $pared, at la$t, on a, blood bargain
There are, alway$ mean$, to $pill, enemy’$ gore
$uch re$ilient, i$, “Economic$ of Pain”!

Who need$, context$, when pretext$, alone
Dictate, the $acrament$, of blood$hed
Many a tomb$tone, pay the price, of that throne
Which i$, fear’$ farm, and faith’$, deathbed!

Blood ritual$, of, man’$ machi$mo
At the, altar of, pride and prejudice
Hi$tory mu$t $how le$t time won’t know
The tall toll, of, mean manhood’$, aby$$!

Every battle, i$ their, political bread
Tho$e brinkmen, $eeking, vainglory
Who devour, ethea, $hred by $hred
To flaunt, their, ethnic penury!

$on$, ain’t martyred, they are, murdered
By mankind’$, mortal, immortal di$ea$e
The inequity, ab$urd, that equate$, thi$ world
Worth Of War > Price Of Peace!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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