The Bloodbath At The Wall $treet

In the battle, between, bull and bear
And the gambler$, who place bet, on their gore
Agha$t are all, with the, fi$cal fear
Blind alley, $eem$, de$tiny’$, metaphor!

The $peculator$, of, market’$ pul$e
Burn, red and green, candle$ of hope
Which inertia, ha$, paralyzed impul$e
COVID, new $tar, on our horo$cope!

How much, blood $pilled, blare$ out, index
The $um of, money-made, delu$ion$
There i$, le$$er bli$$, in rite$, of $ex
Than orga$m, in $in, of $peculation$!

Neither bull, nor bear, nor the, matador die$
Who’$ martyred, i$, our grandeur’$ dream
Our breath$, and beat$, pay the, piou$ price
For that, $upreme $acrifice, to redeem
That la$t victory, from a, la$ting defeat
The Bloodbath, At The, Wall $treet!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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