My Tryst With My Alchemist

Amidst, all truths, my myth, profound
My only faith, yet I, feared the most
Until that, Judgement Day, when I found
He’s someone, beyond a, Holy Ghost!

No form, no voice, no touch, no scent
Just a, deep dark, sense of redemption
As I lay, in shroud, of my, last sacrament
I found, trivial worth, of my conviction!

No checkered board, no strings, no dice!
Never, was I, so His, pawn, nor puppet!
Just a gun, and bullet, I paid, whose price!
So he played, with me, Russian Roulette!

A life, He loaned, a death, He owned
I’d come, to leave, with an, empty fist
Between Make, and Maker, who condoned
My Tryst, With, My Alchemist!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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