Between Worlds And Words

Where ends, faith’s fief, my belief, begins
My atelier,…, no, … altar of truth
Where I, decipher, world’s, social sins
Into satires, of, charade and ruth!

No suspense, unravels, my lens
Cloned looks, every soul, in this, constant herd
Every faith, in fact, is, fear’s pretense
Each conjecture, a, myth absurd!

Where, we lost caravan, of our past
What a conquest, is, mankind today
We end, one day, only histories last
Embellished lies, of a, mean melee!

By a, shady street, amid, graffitied walls
Far-flung, from flocks, of loud canards
Who dares, to shake earth, with spitballs
A Man Lost, Between, Worlds And Words!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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