In The Heart Of These Infernos

We rear, mortar dreams, as our, Edens burn
Ablaze is hope, in the, throes of fear
We smolder, in the embers, of our, cradle’s urn
Nightingales, not we hear, nightmares, we bear!

Millions of years, of, soil’s splendor
Love farmed, with faith, and fortitude
Is silent ash, in, death’s slumber
Ain’t oblivion, remembrance’s, food!

In faith’s funeral, we vow, to flame
Lasting care, of, martyred, motherhood
Evolution’s race, celebrates, sans shame
Mortal fests, of, immortal wood!

At this crossroad, of, deep estrangement
We reap sorrows, our, dissonance grows
And squirm in, modernism’s, sacrament
In The Heart, Of, These Infernos!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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