When We Redeem Our Monsoon Dream

Where ends, the age, of estrangement
There, rites of, acquiescence, begin
Let’s baptize, in that, sacrament
Which measures up, our sin, of skin!

Who longed, to leap out, of, shame’s shroud
Are all, but consumed, in one storm
Every whisper, where echoes, aloud
“Love is, just love, in any form!”

Let’s break, the bastion, of instincts
Lest the mutiny, die out, in our hearts
Who herd, desires, in precincts
Are, neither Mozarts, nor Bonapartes!

In this, acid-rain, bared to, the bone
Fear melts, with faith, we dare blaspheme
Every vein, spills out, sin’s love-hormone
When, We Redeem, Our, Monsoon Dream!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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