Flags Of Faith In The Fests Of Fear

(卐) Two crosses, in, right-angled tryst
(卍) One facing left, (卐) another, right
Which Hitler used, with a, trivial twist
To incarnate, his, hate-heist
Why, Swastika bore, his satanic spite!

Many millennia, of, Hindu belief
Its discoveries, and, inventions
Would look, aghast, at German fief
Distorting, the soul, of its dimensions!

Was it, crisscrossed face, of Aryan race
Or a myth, Hitler was, born to redeem
A phantom lost, in an, endless chase
To make, this world, his dreadful dream!

Why Satan fed, on God’s, Holy Bread
To vindicate, a, sinister satire
With estranged pain, they pled, and bled
Flags Of Faith, In The, Fests Of Fear!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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