Mandela Dies Here Every Day …

Black spirit, of that, Rainbow-State
Which had, once squirmed, in White stigma
Is all, but lost, to reinstate
New dystopia, of, its enigma!

Twenty Seven, years of, delusions
Is democracy, here, no more, than that
In a, Failed State’s, depraved, dimensions
ANC’s factions, play, tit-for-tat!

It’s a, microcosm, of Africa
Its freedom, dreams, failures, despair, …
Beyond Cyril, Zuma’s, coup d’état
This continent, is, ethnic nightmare!

Amidst anarchy, arson, heist, …
Democracy, means a, mean melee
Blood-politics, plays when, alchemist
Mandela, Dies Here, Every Day … !

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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