Are Satans Scared Of Satire !!!

“Wipe out, that smirk, off his, sinful face
Such graffiti, can’t, withstand Islam!”
Scream savages, of the, satanic race
As they, shoot silent, a humorist, haram!

The self-baptized, ‘saviors’, of their faith
Want to, reign with, holy inertia, this world
Every woman, a slave, each man, a wraith
Sum sadism, of, Spartans absurd
Shepherds, who slay, their ‘heretic’ herd!

To ‘divine’, dark age, they hurl Afghans
Stupored, non-existence, sans, ‘sin’ of arts
When a faith, baptized, blood-caravans
Of Bonapartes, who massacred, Mozarts!

They ain’t, afraid of, apocalypse
But, can’t withstand, truth’s hellfire
They stitch, with fear, ‘blasphemous’ lips
Are Satans, Scared, Of Satire !!!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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