My Father Was, My Faith, My Fear

Lest, I forget, what he professed
The prophet, of my, destiny
My manhood’s, still a, boy possessed
Who dared, never to, mutiny!

From that, “David-on-Goliath”, ride
I discovered, ‘his’ mean, vile world
With his piety, prejudice, and pride
I deciphered, ‘his’, dystopia absurd!

My doctrine, of virtue, and sin
My compass, to the, truest north
He lives, beyond, his cold coffin
As I dare, to weigh, his ‘wisdom’s’ worth!

He was, a storm, who left behind
A zephyr, lost, in his, awe, despair
Who rendered, my mind, colorblind
My Father, Was, My Faith, My Fear!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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