More Gore Spills Here For Every Tear

“Uranium is, your, holy bread
And D2O, faith’s, new nectar
True ain’t, that faith, which has, not bled”
Ayatollah hawks, his ‘herd’, holy fear!

With the, worst drought, in a, 50 years
Life costs more, by the, same percent
Iran’s Imam, yet, only cares
For spilling blood, till the, last drop, is spent!

These satanic saints, of, Shia hate
Oft forget, they are, running a state
Still bread, is bread, water is, water
As their ethos, heads to, a disaster!

That dream of, Nineteen, Seventy Nine
Is a cross, of fear, not faith’s souvenir
In Satan’s state, God has, lost his spine
Bloodbath, is the lone, sacrament, austere
More Gore, Spills Here, For Every Tear!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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