A Jinnah Hangs From Every Wall

“‘I’ want, ‘Our’ Muslim, Holy Land”
Shouted Jinnah, from, Muslim League
“India, would be, ethnic quicksand
For Muslims, of, Hindu intrigue”!

One freedom struggle, was, two now
Those brothers, swore of, estrangement
Who needed, never a, unity’s vow
Found, “Faith is, the truest sacrament”!

Politics of faith, and fear, finally won
Jinnah got, Godhood, of Pakistan
Who acted, as, Son of Satan
For his vainglory, at the cost, of his clan!

Still a mother, mourns her, severed soul
Amidst, a lost, nation’s recall
Whilst, faith of fear, here, pays freedom’s toll
Time’s graffiti, of a, dream’s downfall
A Jinnah, Hangs, From Every Wall!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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