When Fear Fathoms Fury Of Faith

Sever on, august day, scapegoat’s jugular vein
That blessed, lesser soul, fodder of, your belief
Let it, too comprehend, pious purpose, of its pain
When nurtures, its gore, faith in, fear’s fief!

As decreed, in your, creed’s scripture
Faith calls, for the, fest of sacrifice
How mythical, seems, that conjecture
At father’s hand, a, son’s demise!

Why blood, is, truest shade of man
Thru rituals, of birth, life, and death
From Taimur’s quest, to conquest in Iran
Jihad strangles, still, humanity’s breath!

Awash are, streets with, faith’s bloodbath
Almighty looms, like a, lingering wraith
An age, squirms, in its, aftermath
When Fear, Fathoms, Fury Of Faith!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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