In The Bout Between Ali And Clay

Defiance, was this, man’s substance
Or redemption, from his, faith’s enigma
Whose cross, he bore, with reluctance
Until he found – “It’s a, Blacks’ stigma”!

“Christianity, is, Black man’s, bondage
To a, thousand years, of nothingness”
After pilgrimage, to his, soul’s outrage
He vowed, “Islam cares, more or less!”

“That was, no faith, this is, no fear”
Did it, usher in, Black Belief’s Renaissance
An ethnic flaw, never, laid out bare
Sought, Islamic heaven’s, transcendence!

A Black man, lost between, fear and faith
Ever lived, to die, in his, quest’s melee
To end up, as a, cynical wraith
In The Bout, Between, Ali And Clay!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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