Estrangement Is Soul’s Pilgrimage

In the, dark alleys, of faith, I find
I seek fear, more than, fear seeks me
In the quest, of, two worlds, intertwined
I’m the conquest, of my, legacy!

Dare I consign, to oblivion, my cherished past
Lighthouse to, death’s grave, from life’s womb
Milestones, I crossed, were they, ever meant, to last
Beyond, my faith’s temple, and, fear’s tomb!!

Without myth, of kin, just in truth, of my skin
And a shadow, that resents, my ‘vain’ pursuit
Is it, last salvation, for my, every past sin
Life had been, for years, a forbidden fruit!

I may, find not ,what I don’t know, to seek
I’m a sage, in the cage, of faith’s outrage
One truth, marries, two myths,’ mystique –
“Estrangement, Is, Soul’s Pilgrimage!”

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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