That Last Knock On My Midnight’s Door

It was, with Her, that, I had left
Not a shred, but whole, substance, of my soul
Slithers on, stale bed, a heart bereft
Searching, a distant dream, in my, mind’s pigeonhole!

She ain’t, a ‘He’, mystifies, that ‘Eve’
Who had, fancied of, Adam once
My fear dares, my faith, not to believe
In, ‘forbidden’, sexual dimensions!

In my, two yard skin, baptized in mist
I sense, new monsoon, deep within
Why should, shame shun, a promised tryst
When the trinity, in me, wants to sin!

I brace, to face, clitoral curse
For the heresy, I, dare to adore
Life longs, to be, a ‘Satanic Verse’
Sin’s, sweet whisper, breaks thru, my core
That Last Knock, On My, Midnight’s Door!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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