COVID Funerals In My City

The hearths, that smelt of, dreams of clay
Stink now, of a looming, lethal cipher
Life is, death’s pawn, in this, mean melee
World’s faith, loses out, to Chinese fear!

Where trust, was our, ethnic substance
Lone, cynical soul, seeks seclusion
Society, survives on, social-distance
Death lasts, beyond, life’s delusion!

New avatars, dare, quarantine, vaccines, …
Of Chinese germ, waging, 3rd World War
Life seems, more a dream, beyond our means
When death knocks, every, fearful door!

Mourning mothers, dare not, near cadavers
Rendered, “Untouchables”, by a, toxic travesty
Satan’s reign, begins, as God, disappears
Amid, COVID Funerals, In My City!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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