Indira’s Love For Her Clitoris

In the starkest, tryst with, ignominy
A flagrant myth, was a, nation’s thought
What ravaged, India’s, destiny
If not, a debauched, dynasty’s rot!

Whilst a dream, redeemed, hankered to soar
Nehru hungered, for his, last orgasms
Worthy heir, to, free-love’s metaphor
Indira kindled, her lust’s, phantasms!

Now a, cheated wife, once a, runaway bride
Sought, sexual rites, she had, ever missed
With a heart, in which, desire had died
She once more, longed, to be kissed, and blissed!

Whilst India, lost, its Chinese wars
Nehru, consigned them, to “bygones…”
As he found, nirvana, in new whores
Indira found love, in his, puppets and pawns!

Her orgies, cost us, our future
Whose MEN-O-PAUSE, did not, end her malice
India’s ethos, was made, to bear
Indira’s Love, For, Her Clitoris!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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