The Feminine Flaw In The Nature’s Law

Had Bill, not been, of the, ‘Cosby’ fame
With a battery, of, steep barristers
He would have, burnt, on a pyre, of shame
For he ‘slept’, with a woman, who now differs!

Such, is the stigma, of, Seminal Sin
Semen dries, in moments, but its stains, remain
For a woman, to rethink, and then, determine
If it indeed, was love, or an, act profane!

In the game, of, sexual politics
‘Weak’ womankind, has the, upper hand
Jurisprudence, succumbs to, bioethics
When it ‘banishes’, man-maniacs, to remand!

Between, phallic faith, and, clitoral fear
Two species, tangle in, sexual awe
Whilst, both sin, only, one has to, bear
The Feminine Flaw, In The, Nature’s Law!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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