By That Last-ing Bend Before The End

Beneath, lone cross, where the cedars, still sway
To the rhythm, of our, love’s requiem
By a mound, of basalt, where you lay
Lost by, my fear, for my faith, to redeem!

That night, never ends, since you, left me
To fathom, depth of, ‘Redemption Street’
With a, bleeding heart’s, last rhapsody
In the, other world, may we, ever meet
It would, be here, we forever meet!

For an age, to come, you left, this tomb
Of faith, in love, in the face, of fear
At the, despair’s edge, hangs on. aplomb
Beyond bliss, love is a, cross to bear!

But, in your thoughts, I don’t exist
With, an enigma, to comprehend
The Immortal calling, of our, tryst
By That, Last-ing Bend, Before The End!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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