As Xi-tler Rises In The East

Brazen bluster, of regime, that wins
By trouncing, ethos, of its land
With 100 years, of, Socialist Sins
Is, mean myths’ megalith, staggering o’er sand!

“We won’t be bullied, but bully we will”
Remember Tiananmen, Taiwan, Hong Kong, …
What a sword, fulfills, never ever, goodwill”
Bodes of, World War, or a, tyrant’s swan song!

Red Dragon, dares, history’s ‘prejudice’
With a, newfound, Communist ‘confidence’
There’s, more meaning, in his malice
Who reigns, the world, with insolence!

Was Hitler, a, western phenomenon
Can’t Asia too, beget, such a beast
World braces, for its, Next Satan
As Xi-tler, Rises, In The East!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra


  • Le Corona est le dernier génocide humain…..
    Troisième Guerre Mondiale en cours….
    Que sommes-nous bien naïfs face aux Gafa..

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