Dying Dragon Losing Race

Parks, don’t resound, with, urchins’ play
Moan out, requiems, Sunset Boulevard
Who, died yesterday, who’ll, die today!
A nation, turns into, graveyard!

Dragon needs, new eyes, to bequeath, Mao’s dream
Not the, ones, deluded by, the “One-Child Decree”
Where wombs too, are owned, by the, Communist régime
There, birth has a price, where, death comes free!

Since ‘Two-Child …’, failed, hope ‘Three-Child …’, works!
Posterity, ain’t, farmed, in factories
What about, Uighurs, whose existence, irks
A state, stricken with, supremacy’s disease!

A dream, has outgrown, its ethos
To, dwarf itself, in, glory’s chase
Which paradox, bares, its pride’s, pathos
‘Dying Dragon, Losing Race’!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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