The Mystique Of The Monsoon Moon

A sin smolders, in, heavens’ heart
Thru the, orgies of, lingering shadows
Summer-zephyr, recalls, soul of Mozart
Squelch thru, drenched streets, into autumn’s throes!

A pilgrim, drunken with, night’s faith
Finds hard, to fathom, trinity’s fear
In a tryst, that leaves, light’s yearning wraith
Dissolve, in dark, to disappear!

Its, melting mirth, spills, tears of mist
O’er farms, of myriad, pregnant dreams
Where seeks, new birth, that Alchemist
Who is, beyond, what its myth, redeems!

Daring the, fief of, dark deceit
Rages on, unquenched, inferno
Beyond the brink, where all, realms meet
And split apart, to swirl, and swoon
When bursts, from murk, élan’s rainbow
The Mystique, Of The, Monsoon Moon!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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