Dare You Ever Erase D-raffiti On Their Hearts

Democracy’s faith, is, dragon’s fear
In its, hysteria, It forgets, every time
That a message, never dies, with the messenger
Yet, its brinkmanship, flouts, folly’s paradigm!

To make, manifest, “Hong Kong, is my fief”
It ghettoized, the soul, of a, vibrant isle
Democracy, beyond fib, is a, firm belief”
Couldn’t comprehend, a tyranny’s, guile!

In façade, of, ‘National Security’
Dragon plays dice, with this, isle’s ethos
Every sin, wreaked with, impunity
Fortifies, fight for, Demos-Kratos!

Indoctrinate kids, jail renegades, annihilate dailies
Spread poison, that, Communism imparts
You can, blood-bathe, their, liberty’s rallies
Dare You, Ever Erase, D-raffiti, On Their Hearts!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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