We Lavish Life Like Time’s Blank Cheque

They spilled, each year, a new largess
We can’t, care less, for they, love to bear
Our stalemate, in time’s, game of chess
The calendar, and clock, each day, lay us bare!

From, Big Bang’s myth, to relativity
It races past, our realm, of thought
Besides enigma, of, its nativity
How come, our lifeblood, we forgot!

Why past’s paradigm, be, future’s fate
Of measuring, life’s, immortal lust
With a, mortal form, our lasting trait
We squelch, thru time’s, eternal dust!

Until, the judgement day arrives, searching our souls
We clasp onto, breath’s, every speck
With a resentment, raking, o’er old coals –
Why, We Lavish Life, Like, Time’s Blank Cheque!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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