Dimensions Of A Distant Dream

Shadows, appear, disappear, in air
When estrangement, knocks, at mind’s door
I’m a wraith, of my, rapture and despair
Lost in, déjà vu’s, delusional metaphor!

All faces, are façades, indeed, I find
When wisdom, squirms in, deep stupor
Mind, makes me blind, or colorblind
Whilst dark, bares, truth’s, stark conjecture!

It possesses me, yet, doesn’t belong
A harlot, bought, for a, one-night tryst
As she, drenches me, in monsoon-song
Parched remains, the soul, of an alchemist!

A sum of, all my, faiths, fears and sins
If, I am not, who, what, I redeem
I kiss, good bye, to my, vain coffins
Dimensions, Of A, Distanced Dream!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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