The Mirror For The Naked King

That past, was façade, this present, now bares
Lest a, rogued ethos, never ever forget
The sum, of history’s, latent fears
Left by, Bonaparte, Marie Antoinette, …!

Neither Left, nor Right, what’s this, Centrist’s creed
Estranged, with the cost, of salt and bread
“To feed, the unworthy breed, more taxes, we need”
A banker, crucifies, middle-class, shred by shred!

For a despot, who reigns, by decrees
Democracy, is a, deadbeat debate
Mr. Know-All’s truth, is, what he sees
Thru his, socio-political, estimate!

Are French, sheer cynics, ever-hating, their chief
Ever-grieving, re-awakening, they, themselves bring
Macron saw, in awe, this truth, beyond belief
In The Mirror, For The, Naked King!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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