Why Jews Still Bear The Crucifix

The pain, that quenched, a faith’s, dry bread
Spilled o’er, to sow, age of outrage
The cross, on which, a Messiah once bled
Is a megalith, now, of a volatile rage!

“Who slayed, the Prophet, of new faith?”
Will ever, remain, history’s stigma
Yet, age-old hate, strays like, a wraith
O’er a, clan’s ethos, like an enigma!

Prized pawns, of, Nazi propaganda
Consigned, to Hitler’s, holocaust
In the ‘Arab-fief’, waged, last coup d’état
For that, Promised Land, since ages, lost!

How long, will last, this trial, of time
The onslaught, of, ethnic cynics
Lest penance, be, passion’s paradigm
Why Jews, Still Bear, The Crucifix!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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