Faith Finds In ‘Puerile’ Sin Its Fear

2,000 years, 266 Popes, one enigma
How to chastise, phalli, of their priests
Celibacy costs, such a, stark stigma
When faith, succumbs, to lust’s heists!

By renaming, reclassifying, sin
Old penance, with, new commandment
How does, one teach, lust, discipline
Make manhood, bear, cross of sacrament!

“Godforsaken is, his, seminal bliss”
Therein lies, faith’s, fundamental flaw
Is a, rosary’s hook, aroused penis
Or consummation, of, the nature’s law!

Still, Theology, battles with, Biology
Rather than, its, hypocrisy, austere
Pope redeems, his clique, with an apology
Faith Finds, In ‘Puerile’ Sin, Its Fear!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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