Between Artifice And Art

That Pic-ass-o, who blared, from street
“Behold art’s, newfound, Angelo!”
What stirred, the soul, of this, aesthete
Who brought home, that, ‘virtuoso’!

Was I, prejudiced, or he, cynical
Or both right, in their, very own right
In a, gamble, ‘most intellectual’
Every ‘discourse’, ended, in a fight!

His art appeared, beyond banal, to me
Oblique shapes, flirting with, warped lines
Strewn shades, of a, broken rhapsody
Challenged, the ‘Albert’, of ‘Einsteins’!

I left Pic-ass-o, where once, he blared
And swore by, Vinci, and Mozart
We stared, at each other, as lay, bared
The difference, Between, Artifice And Art!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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